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Publications are a very important dissemination component in the scientific work of a research institution. Our scientific paper work is published in serial journals - Scientific Annals of Danube Delta Institute, DELTAICA, various books, maps and other publications. All of these categories are presented and described in the presented website. Please feel free to meet us by reading and disseminating our scientific work.


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LUPU Gabriel

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Prochaotic tourism development pressure on coastal habitats-adequate evaluation case study in Sulina, Romania

Year: 2016
Category: Volume 21
Hits: 2493
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Ortopterele din Rezervaţia Biosferei Delta Dunării

Year: 2013
Category: DELTAICA
Hits: 4417
DELTAICAISSN 2286-0789Title: Ortopterele din Rezervaţia Biosferei Delta Dunării Author: Gabriel LU

Zoogeographic distribution and habitat preferences of Orthoptera species (Insecta) from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)

Year: 2013
Category: Volume 19
Hits: 968

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