Volume 27

Volume 27

Scientific Annals of the Danube Delta Institute - 2022

vol. 27
No. of articles: 13

Year of printing: 2022
No. of pages: 138
No. of printed copies: 100

printed version:  ISSN 1842 - 614X
on-line version:  ISSN 2247 - 9902

Publishing house:
Danube Delta Technological Information Center"
Tulcea, Romania

Printed by:

S.C. EDITGRAPH S.R.L.  Buzău, Romania

Editorial board - volume 27

 Recommended citation of the present volume:

Scientific Annals of the Danube Delta Institute, vol. 27.Tulcea (Romania), 2022

The authors are responsible for the scientific content of their articles published in the present volume.

A catalog record of this book is available from the Romanian National Library.

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