Category: Deltas and wetlands - book of abstracts
Editor: Danube Delta Technological Information Center
Pages: 47
Location: Tulcea - Romania
Year: 2017
File: DW_vol_4.pdf

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DELTAS AND WETLANDS (Book of abstracts)

Editor(s): TUDOR Marian, TÖRÖK  Liliana
No. of pages:  47
Printed version: ISSN: 2344-3766; ISSN-L: 2344-3766

Publisher(s): Danube Delta Tehnological Information Center Publishing House

Printed in 2013, in Tulcea (Romania)

Recommended citation of the present volume:
Author / authors, 2017 – title of abstract, p. … IN: Deltas and Wetlands (Book of Abstract), vol. 4, ___pp, Tulcea, Romania. ISSN
Financial support for printing the present publication was provided by: Danube Delta National Institute for Research and
Development, Tulcea, Romania

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